Hey guys !


It's me, Maciej / Matt. I have been involved in photography for over a dozen years. For the first years I liked tophotograph landscapes. From every trip, whether in Poland or abroad I brought hundreds and then thousands of shots. I bring thousands of shots to my four walls from your wedding, from your most beautiful moments. I love it. Really. Be able to be with you physically and spiritually, see all these beautiful moments and immortalize them in photographs, and then, with joy in my heart, give them to you as a gift, which I hope will last forever! Just like weddings, I love my family. I still not have my own (can't wait till 2020 <3) but I would like to create a family and give them the same warmth I see in you! I really see it  and I am very happy about it.

I live here and there. . . A little in Poland and a little in Bavaria. I'm everywhere! I love to travel and eat well, so invite me to you and feed me, and I will leave a gift in the form of a wonderful pictures!

A few points about what I like,


- Eat and travel, but you already know from the sentence above,

- fooling around and spending a lot of time with my fiancee,

- dinner at both mother and future mother-in-law,

- whiskey with dad, beer with father-in-law,

- mountains, forests and lakes. I have this luck that from my apartment I can see all three natural wonders <3 - this view never gets boring,

- good detective story, the most Polish and Scandinavian books,

- ubiquitous music. On the go, I listen to cult pieces mixed up with Jazz, while Polish and foreign hip-hop are playing during my work. I listen to all species, in particular Disco!


I do not like, however,


- żurek, my body does not absorb this dish,

- when I am with my family and we start to talk about political topics - It's never going in a good way,

- high fuel prices,

- when I am home alone for too long,

- dishonest people.

If you want to create a history with me, write to me! We will gladly meet you over coffee or on Skype when you are away!

Seee you !











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“I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.”