Who We Are

We are a couple of photographers, graphic designers, travelers and workaholics, although sometimes we let us be a little do-nothing couple.

Together we complement both private and professional. We create, exchange observations and We embark on further work and improvement of the profession. We try our best to travel as often as possible to find inspiration and new places for photo sessions. We are mobilized to accompany you for a session even on the end of the world ^.^

Photographer . Traveler . Passionate

Hey !

I am Maciej, I mostly do wedding reportage but I also deal with other fields of photography. We live together with my girlfriend in Bavaria. I love nature, mountains and water. I couldn't have chosen better place to live (surrounds me wonderful landscape). I also like Coke, although my girl scream every time as she sees me with a can in my hand 😀 Cold beer and good music are best for photo editing. Positive atmosphere with a lot of laughter cause the best effects during photo session. I am rather relaxed guy, I think very positively although in my head I often worry about various nonsense :O I prefer simple photography, because simplicity shows the most emotion. At weddings I am everywhere but I like playing a ninja a bit, haha. You will have many beautiful shots and still wonder : "where he was that time"? I don't remember he was capturing that moment at that time ... And yet 😀 I care for a good atmosphere. I advise on many issues and generally I like to work with people.

I live in Bavaria but I will come to you in every corner of the world.

Let's capture d e l i g h t f u l moments together !

d e l i g h t f u l photos

Each assignment requires a separate preparation. I try to meet all expectations of my customers.

Handcraft Perfected

Customer satisfaction makes me want to practice more often and more intensely.

Graphic designer . Adventurer . Vivid

Ho !

My name is Sabina. I am a volcano of energy, cheerful and full of ideas woman who wants to draw the most from life. Wildly curious the world. I love traveling, new flavors and music. My ideas and motivations are mainly derived from the observation of the nature that surrounds me. The same is with design. I need to touch it, feel it, live with it a bit. Then all of my inspirations are widen and some d e l i g h t f u l designs come out ! That is what we need in our live. To feel the very basic things and draw happiness from it.

If you have an idea for your own unique project write to me! I am open to suggestions - together we will create something magical.

Stunning design

An inexhaustible well of ideas. I just need that sparkle and I will create satisfying product.

Treasure Hunter

I treat my life as a "well" of ideas. The very all that surround us is a treasure. Don't hesitate to dig into it.